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General Questions

I am trying to make a deposit/withdrawal with my wallet, but my transaction does not pass through in metamask.

Try changing your gas settings to the aggressive (It's not expensive as you ,might think ~10 cents on polygon). Visit this page for a detailed explanation.

I am trying to deposit/vote/burn, but see gas exception (We were not able to estimate gas..) in my metamask. Should I proceed anyway?

No, you should not. If you see gas exception, that means that your transaction will be reverted. Do not try to submit transaction anyway because you will only lose your eth as due to gas exception.


I'm not able to vote with my LP tokens

If you can not vote with your LP tokens, then check the proposal creation date. If you minted your LP tokens after the proposal was created, then you're not able to vote for security reasons. Check Vote on Proposal

Who can execute successfully approved proposal?

Anyone can execute proposals after they finished and Quorum and Min Approval were met. So anyone is able to push on "Execute" button and changes will be implemented. Check Execute proposal


I'm not able to deposit in a Vault and I see a message: "You're not authorized to deposit. Your wallet is not allowlisted"

Check if you're eligible to invest and your wallet in the list of wallets available for investment.

I'm not able to deposit and see gas exception when I'm trying to deposit funds

Check if you've reached max deposit value per wallet. Restrictions (Min and Max deposit size) are applied to sum of all deposits from your wallet.

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