💱Buy & Sell Vault LP Tokens on ASPIS OTC

What is Aspis OTC Exchange and Why is it needed

After the fund is successfully raised funding, fundraising is stopped (until the manager decides to start a new fundraising campaign) and the manager gathers his portfolio to maximize investor's return by doing swaps on DEXes and pooling capital in DeFi protocols. Since withdrawal windows are in place, the investor's capital is locked until the withdrawal window is open.

However, investor might still need to get more liquid assets due to his personal needs. The investor can "Rage Quit", but he will need to pay a Rage Quit Fine, which can be high (typically 5-15% from the body of the capital).

Also, every Vault has its own LP token, which is not liquid and popular enough to have secondary market placement on decentralized trading platforms like Uniswap or Pancake Swap.

To be able to sell his LP token, we developed an Aspis OTC exchange for Vault LP tokens. On this platform, investors can buy & sell LP tokens for the price they consider fair by placing their bids similar to the NFT marketplace where the price of each asset is individual. However, compared to the NFT marketplace, Aspis fund's LP tokens have a "base value" which is equal to the value of the assets that an investor will get if he will burn LP tokens.

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