🦊Add LP token in Metamask

Instruction how to add LP tokens in Metamask

After you've successfully made a deposit into a Vault, you should get its LP token, which is unique for each Vault. If you can not see it on your balance, then you need to add it manually. Here is a short instruction on how to do that.

First, open your Metamask, click on 3 dots on the right and choose "View account on etherscan"

You will go to Ethereum blockchain explorer - Etherscan, where you will see all assets on the balance of your wallet (Not all assets are visible on Metamask). Choose the token you'd like to add and click on it.

Then you will see the Example Vault LP token contract on etherscan. The only thing here you should do is copy the contract address.

After you've successfully copied the contract address of the Example Vault token, open your Metamask "assets" tab and scroll down to find the "Import tokens" button.

After that, you will need to paste copied token address into the corresponding field and all other information will link automatically.

Then you will need to click on the "Add custom token" button, then press Import, and the a token will be available in your metamask.

Please note that if you're holder of a Private Fund's LP tokens, you will not be able to send it to any wallet outside of "Investor's allowlist"

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