Navigating through Vaults

Look through all the Vaultss on the platform and choose
Here you can see popular Vaults and projects. As a potential investor, you can observe their financial parameters and short strategies, which help you to make suitable investment decisions.
  • As a next step, you can dig deeper into the exact fund or project by clicking on them
  • In case you need more options, click “see more funds” or “see more projects” and go to the full version of the Vaults Marketplace.
After clicking the "See more funds" button you are able to get closer to the funds. Depending on what's your preferred investment strategy, you can choose one of the next categories:
  • Popular Funds
  • Largest funds
  • Largest 24h growth
Just as before, you can see the funds' financial parameters and strategies. To learn more about any fund - just click on it.