Capital onboarding rules

LP Agreement
In this step, you need to specify Capital Onboarding rules, which will regulate who can deposit, and what currencies in what amounts for your fund.
Here you can set such parameters as:
  • Fundraising parameters:
    • Fundraising target - max. amount of funds, that are accepted to your fund. Every strategy and every trader has a limit on the amount of capital he is able to manage. Use this wisely to show consistent performance to your investors and do not try to "eat" more than you can digest. For your first fund, we recommend to start with 5-10k limit for testing.
  • Duration of fundraising phase:
    • How many days people will be able to make deposits into your Vault after your Fundraising Start Date.
  • Base currency
  • Aspis is based on the USDC stablecoin. You can read more about why here.
  • Fundraising Start Date
    • Sometimes it is a good idea first to publish your fund to explore potential investors' interest and only after that start fundraising. If you set up a fundraising start date in the near future, your fund will be visible with all the links and descriptions on our Vault Pad. however, people will not be able to deposit funds in it. Good idea to collect a waitlist of prospective investors to update your "Allowlisted wallets to deposit".
  • Deposit Range (Min and Max deposit)
    • Here you can set min and max deposits for your fund. We suggest setting min limit to at least cover gas fees for the potential investor for deposit and withdrawal transactions (In ETH gas fees might be relatively high).
  • Deposit Currencies
    • Here you can choose which currencies users are able to deposit in your fund. Aspis currently supports 56 tokens across a variety of blockchains.
  • Allowlisted wallets to deposit
    • You can make your fund private by allowing only wallets in which you want to make a deposit. You can upload a .csv file with the list of addresses that will be able to deposit. You can add or delete wallets from this list with voting in the future.
    • With this function, you can do KYC of your investors (We strongly recommend knowing who are you dealing with). You can use 3rd party KYC providers, then you can add wallets that passed KYC to this registry, and only they will be able to make a deposit in your fund. We strongly recommend you to know who your investors are before accepting their funds.
  • Token lock-up period (Period for which users' deposit is locked and can not be withdrawn)
    • This is a lock-up for the user's deposits and means that depositor will not be able to withdraw his funds (with or without rage quit) before this time finishes.