Trading on 1inch

Here we will show you how to do trades on 1inch directly from your Vault.
First of all, you need to have 1inch among allowed DEXes for trading. You can check in on your Vault's Page in the section called "Allowed protocols and DEXes":
Check allowed protocols and DEXes
If it is now added, then you can add 1 inch by creating a proposal and asking your investors to vote for it. Check here for a guide on how to create proposals. Make sure that your desired asset is also in the "Allowed for trading" list. Otherwise, you will need to add it through the voting first to make a transaction.
Next, go to "Create Transaction". You will see it if you've connected to Aspis with the wallet that is the manager of the Vault. Then choose "WalletConnect". You will see the next screen:
You will need to paste your WalletConnect auth ID here
Next, you need to go to the 1inch website, push the ConnectWallet button, choose the WalletConnect option, and copy the WalletConnect auth ID:
Copy your WalletConnect ID
Next, paste this ID in the open tab with your Wallet Trading interface. You will be able to see that your Vault's wallet (not your personal wallet) is connected to 1inch:
Connected Vault to 1inch
To trade, you need to go to Trade -> Advanced:
How to choose advanced mode
And in settings, you need to turn OFF the Fusion mode:
Make sure Fusion is turned off
Now you're ready to submit transactions!
To make sure that it executes, after swapping 1inch, you need to confirm it in Aspis Trading interface. Let's make an example swap.
Firstly, 1inch will ask you to confirm the connection to 1inch by signing it from your Vault's address.
Signature request when. connecting using WalletConnect to 1inch
To sign these terms & conditions, go back to your Vault's Wallet Connection page and sign it:
Signature on Aspis side
Then you need to approve and swap in a similar way you trade on 1 inch using your personal wallet. The difference is that before making a signature with your manager's wallet, you need to go back to the Aspis Tab and sign it from there:
Transaction confirmation on Aspis side
Other than that, it works great. 1inch provides a great job when integrating all liquidity for your trades on all DEXes, so you do not need to consider which DEX has better prices.
Important: Make sure that your Vault has at least a 0.001 BNB (Matic or ETH in other chains) on balance; otherwise, 1inch can think that your Vault will not have enough gas to pay for the TX and will deny a transaction! You can manually send it to the Vault contract or make a deposit.