Before creating the Vault

Learn more about what Vault is The Vault's Concept

The Vault's purpose is to raise capital and subsequent investments to increase that capital for investors' (LPs) benefit.

In exchange for deposited assets, each investor receives LP tokens reflecting his share of the fund's assets. Subsequently, these tokens can be exchanged back (burned) to the share of assets assigned to the investor.

Vaults' purposes may differ from each other:

  • For Asset management funds it is important to have clear rules for the funds, transparent onboarding and offboarding processes and transparent performance history as well as connection to major liquidity venues

  • For certain projects, it is important to raise VC investment and subsequently develop the product

  • For others, fundraising is not important and their goal is to manage treasury during product development or other activities

The Aspis Protocol has enhanced its offerings with multi-purpose Vaults, designed for both Web2 and Web3 entities. This addition fills a vital gap in the market, aligning with our vision of what the decentralized finance landscape requires.

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