Set up security for your investors.

This is the last stage to set up your Vault. In this step, safety controls for investors are created. Here, you can specify a list of wallets to which the investment manager will be able to send funds without triggering the voting.

There are 2 ways a manager can do transactions from the fund's balance: interact with DeFi protocols or DEXes via WalletConnect or by creating Direct Transaction. WalletConnect is used to connect to any DEX or DeFi protocol directly with the fund's balance, so the manager is able to operate from the funds balance by doing Swaps, borrowing and lending funds on DeFi protocols, and/or participating in staking programs. Since the market is dynamic and a lot of decisions need to be fast, to avoid 24h long transactions (voting period), it is a good idea to have a list of wallets (typically DEX trading pairs, like ETH/USDT, wBTC/USDT, ...) so the manager is able to do swaps without asking for investors' permission.

  • When creating the Vault, manager can restrict direct withdrawals from the Vault so he cannot withdraw funds, but can only do swaps and interact with DeFi protocols.

  • Specify DEX pairs (e.g. on Uniswap), protocols, and wallets manager will be able to interact with. A voting approval will not be needed for these addresses; thus, double-check the list. More assets and protocols might be added in the future using voting.

  • The initial price of LP tokens. Check here for more details on how our accounting works. The manager needs to specify the price of the first minted LP token.

Click the "Finish" button, sign the transaction, and create your first Vault. After pre-moderation, funds will be available for investors on our Vault`s Marketplace.

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