Investment Manager(s) appointment

For now, we allow only funds managed by one fund manager. You can add one manager who will do transactions on behalf of its investors.

  1. Fund manager field: Here, you can appoint a fund manager. By default, this is the creator of the Vault, however, this manager may be changed (if the ability to change investmen manager is turned on).

  2. Ability to change investment manager: You can create a โ€œPersonal fundโ€ so no one will be able to vote to restrict you from operations with funds. This is not applied to common funds and treasuries where people can vote for power transition and appoint a new manager of the joint funds. If you choose "Yes", then investors will be able to create a proposal to replace the appointed fund manager with the new one, so the old one will lose access to the fund and will not be able to perform transactions from the fund balance.

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