What is ASPIS

Operating System for Asset Management without intermediaries
Aspis creates a new protocol for on-chain, decentralized asset management, eliminating the need for intermediaries. Our platform not only simplifies the fund setup process but also integrates with major liquidity venues, all managed through the Aspis Smart Contract that automates treasury and shareholder registry, upheld by a transparent voting mechanism to change the terms of the contracts.
Aspis focuses on security and provides MEV protection, allows slippage tolerance settings, and implements the Aspis Guardian program to vigilantly monitor each smart contract, eliminating opportunities for manager misbehavior and setting new standards for security in the DeFi landscape.
We provide a toolset for the creation, collecting funds, and running of the decentralized autonomous funds (DAFs) aimed at managing relationships between the vault's creator/manager and investors by transferring logic behind legal term sheets to the smart-contracts.
ASPIS consists of three main components:
Main components of ASPIS solution
Main things you can do with ASPIS:
  • Create a tailored vault for asset management management
  • Raise funds for your vault via our Launchpad
  • Manage Vault's assets with the highest level of transparency
  • Access major DeFi venues directly from the Vault's balance
  • Automate key accounting procedures on-chain
  • Automate vesting for contributors
  • Control manager’s spending by limited activity lists and managing limits
  • Participate in decision-making via on-chain voting
Here is a short promotional video:
Aspis Introduction
Here is product demo video:
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