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What is ASPIS

Custom on-chain vaults for DeFi asset management
ASPIS is a no-code platform that enables users to create custom asset management vaults while also providing a friendly, transparent, and secure alternative for passive investments.
We provide a toolset for the creation, collecting funds, and running of the decentralized autonomous funds (DAFs) aimed at managing relationships between the vault's creator/manager and investors by transferring logic behind legal term sheets to the smart-contracts.
ASPIS consists of three main components:
Main components of ASPIS solution
Main things you can do with ASPIS:
  • Create a tailored vault for asset management management
  • Raise funds for your vault via our Launchpad
  • Manage Vault's assets with the highest level of transparency
  • Access major DeFi venues directly from the Vault's balance
  • Automate key accounting procedures on-chain
  • Automate vesting for contributors
  • Control manager’s spending by limited activity lists and managing limits
  • Participate in decision-making via on-chain voting
Here is a short video describing our product:
Aspis Introduction
Here is a Figma-based prototype (Click in the upper right corner for full-screen mode):
Figma based prototype
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