What is ASPIS

What is Aspis
Aspis Protocol is a framework for creation, fundraising and governance of the DAO funds or decentralized autonomous funds (DAFs) aimed to manage relationships between capital manager and investors by transferring logic behind legal term sheets to the smart-contracts to protect both investor and manager to force them to follow contractual rules.
ASPIS can help you with automating and securing your investor relations via smart-contracts so you could have more time on investment strategy and deals execution.
ASPIS consists of three main components:
​Main components of ASPIS solution
Main things you can do with ASPIS:
  • Create tailored DAO for asset management and treasury management
  • Raise funds for your DAO on ASPIS Investment Marketplace
  • Manage DAO’s assets with the highest level of transparency and investors' control
  • Control manager’s and founder’s spendings by restricting their withdrawals and managing limits
  • Provide investors with the ability to claim unvested tokens even after DAO dismissal
  • Transfer ownership of unvested tokens and DAO-funds’ shares via ERC 1155 (collectible NFTs)
  • Automate vesting for contributors. No headache anymore, investors get their tokens themselves
  • Index Funds for groups of assets (index for l2, an index for decentralized storage, an index for DeFi, etc.)
Here is a short video describing our product:
Aspis Introduction
Here is a Figma-based prototype (Click in the upper right corner for full-screen mode):
Figma based prototype
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