⏲️ASPIS Detailed Roadmap


Q1 2024

ASPIS alpha release:

  • Interface (frontend) for Vault creation nocode, voting , depositing, burning

  • Onchain voting implementation with irreversible execution

  • Basic safety mechanics integration (Rage quit, Transaction delay - time between voting happens and changes take place so people who disagree can leave Vault)

  • Controlling integration: Investors can list wallets and trading pairs with which investor can interract without external permission (voting), investors can restrict % of assets withdrawable monthly (for security reasons)

  • Privacy and whitelisting of prospective investors: Only investors allowed by the manager are able to deposit into the Vault (AML, KYT reasons + for private pools)

  • Automatic accounting integration. Each Vault has its liquidity token (LP_Vault token) which helps to calculate share of assets owned by each Vault participant. Each Vault Participant can deposit funds to receive LP_Vault token and each participant can burn these Vault tokens to get back his liquid funds

  • Integration of frame.sh wallet so Vault manager can use walletconnect to use DeFi and DEXes interface and do swaps directly from Vault balance

Launch of Asset Management Vaults Template

ASPIS Vault marketplace release

Launch of first funds launched by ASPIS Team in partnership with first traders

Hackathons & grants participation

Q2 2024

WalletConnect implementation for Vault manager so he can transact with Vault balance

Integration of BNB Chain

Audit from a reputable player

Integration of Polygon

Integration of Arbitrum


  • Launch of NFT campaign

  • Socials grow (Discord, Telegram, Twitter)

  • Influencer marketing, KOLs

Launch of first public funds available on ASPIS Vault Marketplace

H2 2024

Launch of Project's Treasury Template:

Launch of Special projects and trading competitions with other players in the industry

Grow # of Vaults from all templates (Traders, Asset managers, GameFi guilds, Projects treasury)

Partnerships and integration with RWAs to be accessible at Aspis

Manager's dashboard introduction

User's dashboard introduction

Vault2Vault Governance

H1 2025

Marketing (continue) to:

  • Grow # of Vaults from all templates (Traders, Asset managers, GameFi guilds, Projects treasury)

  • Grow # of retail users for successful Vault templates

New templates introduction

Connectors with more DEXes

Cross chain assets management for Vaults (store assets in different chains)

Multichain voting possibilities (users from multiple chains can vote for same proposals)

Vault2Vault Lending with liquidation rules (if coupon is not paid)

Extend # of chains

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