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Investments in Web3 lack efficient and transparent tooling to manage assets and partiesโ€™ relationships. Investors have no accurate control of what is happening with their funds. On the other side, fund managers suffer from non-target activities (community management, fundraising, paperwork, etc.) that are needed for fundraising and contributor management.

On a high level, there are two strategies for solving the issue mentioned above:

  1. Development of a customized legal framework for collective investments in Web3;

  2. Increase transparency for parties involved in this segment through convenient technology.

Applying the current legal system to Web3 is costly and often ineffective. Best-case scenario (proper legal documentation, custody, banks) will take a long time, cost a lot, and still wonโ€™t prevent the main risks, cause the safety mechanisms are backward-looking.

But alternatives are much riskier and do not provide operational convenience:

  • Lots of trust management cases include just direct funds transfer based on the managerโ€™s reputation (pools);

  • Or usage of centralized platforms (Binance API);

  • Sometimes multisig is used, but itโ€™s inconvenient without setting up additional infrastructure and works well only for small groups.

Option #2: Setup entity through the Vault

Investment Vaults can address the lack of transparency for investors and decrease fundraising difficulty for fund managers. It comes through:

Current Vault constructors lack mass adoption since they are generic. Tailored investment Vault for specific purposes needs from scratch development, which is costly and time-consuming.

ASPIS presents a highly customizable and inexpensive protocol for asset management Vaults (trading funds, project/guild treasuries, VC pools). Using our intuitive UI, asset managers can:

  • Deploy their Vault with specific capital on/offboarding rules;

  • Specify the fee structure for auto-collection;

  • Set up governance templates and controlling rules;

  • Connect to the main DeFi platforms and DEXes with WalletConnect;

  • Automate investor relations on-chain with transparent rules and investors' self-service.

On ASPIS, investors can:

  • Safely invest their capital without fear of managerโ€™s misbehavior;

  • Easily onboard/offboard from the Vault;

  • Track the performance and operations of the Vaults;

  • Initiate/participate in decision-making through controlling tools (allowlist wallets for interaction, spending limits, etc.).

To sum up, ASPIS will support both fund managers and investors, with a group of solutions during the whole Vault lifecycle.

Also, if you are an active fund manager, you will be interested in the following features:

  • Showcase your trading history to attract investors;

  • Trade on DEX seamlessly from the Vault;

  • Receive performance fees automatically on-chain;

  • Investor management is fully automated through ASPIS dashboards.

Follow the links below to set up your Vault:

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