AI Assistant for Investors

What is AI assistant and how does it work?

The AI assistant on Aspis Protocol is a sophisticated chatbot designed to provide continuous communication and support to users, ensuring they always feel a human presence. Think of it as a support engineer connected to all Aspis systems, offering instant, real-time assistance without the delays typically associated with traditional support teams.

Key Features of the Aspis AI Assistant:

  • Always Available: The AI assistant is always online, ready to answer questions and provide guidance without any wait time.

  • Human-Like Interaction: Designed to be engaging and user-friendly, the AI assistant can explain complex DeFi concepts in simple terms, making it accessible for users of all experience levels.

  • Fun and Informative: Beyond its practical functions, the AI assistant is designed to be enjoyable to interact with, making the user experience on Aspis Protocol both educational and entertaining.

How the AI Assistant Works on Aspis Protocol

  1. Personalized Recommendations:

    • The AI assistant evaluates an investor's risk profile and investment goals to provide tailored recommendations. This simplifies the selection of appropriate Vaults and helps in managing portfolios effectively.

  2. User Guidance:

    • Acting as a friendly guide, the AI assistant supports users through the onboarding process by asking pertinent questions about their goals, risk tolerance, and preferred assets. This helps in shaping a customized investment strategy.

  3. Continuous Monitoring:

    • The AI continuously monitors the performance of investments, providing real-time updates and alerts. This ensures that investors are always informed about the status of their funds and can make timely decisions.

  4. Interactive Guidance:

    • Investors can interact with the AI assistant through a user-friendly interface, asking questions and receiving detailed explanations about their investments. This enhances their understanding and confidence in the platform.

Example of User Onboarding:

User Scenario:

User A, who is new to Aspis Protocol, is curious about investing but feels overwhelmed by the various Vaults available. He also doesn't understand what a Vault is, how it works, or how to choose the best Vault that suits him.

Onboarding Process with AI Assistant:

  1. Initial Interaction:

    • User A opens up a chat with the AI assistant. The assistant greets User A in a friendly manner, ready to help with any questions.

  2. Basic Education:

    • User A asks basic questions about DeFi and Vaults. The AI assistant provides simple and clear explanations:

      • What is a Vault? "A Vault is a decentralized asset management pool where your funds are managed by smart contracts according to specific strategies set by professional managers."

      • How does a Vault work? "When you invest in a Vault, you receive LP tokens that represent your share of the Vault. These tokens give you voting power and the ability to participate in financial decisions."

  3. Risk Assessment:

    • The AI assistant asks User A a series of questions to measure their risk appetite:

      • Risk Tolerance: "On a scale of 1 to 10, how comfortable are you with taking financial risks?"

      • Investment Goals: "Are you looking for steady growth, high returns with higher risk, or a balanced approach?"

      • Investment Horizon: "How long do you plan to keep your funds invested in the Vault?"

  4. Personalized Recommendations:

    • Based on User A’s responses, the AI assistant suggests a few Vaults that match their risk profile and investment goals:

      • Low Risk Vaults: "These Vaults focus on stable, low-risk investments. Suitable for conservative investors."

      • High Yield Vaults: "These Vaults aim for high returns but come with higher risk. Suitable for aggressive investors."

      • Balanced Vaults: "These Vaults offer a mix of risk and return. Suitable for moderate risk-takers."

  5. Risk Warning and Performance Guidance:

    • The AI assistant warns User A about the risks involved with investing in Vaults:

      • Risk Disclosure: "Investing in Vaults carries risks, including potential loss of principal. Make sure you diversify your investments."

      • Performance History: "Here is the past performance of the suggested Vaults. Remember, past performance is not indicative of future results."

  6. Interactive Support:

    • User A asks follow-up questions about specific Vaults:

      • Question: "How did Vault X perform during the last market downturn?"

      • AI Response: "Vault X managed to maintain a steady performance during the downturn, thanks to its diversified strategy and low-risk assets."

  7. Continuous Monitoring:

    • After User A invests in a Vault, the AI assistant continuously monitors the investment and provides real-time updates and alerts:

      • Performance Alerts: "Your investment in Vault X has increased by 5% this month."

      • Risk Alerts: "Market volatility is high. Consider reviewing your investment strategy."

By following this process, the AI assistant ensures that User A is well-informed, confident, and comfortable with their investment decisions, enhancing their overall experience on the Aspis Protocol.

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