Review Terms and Conditions and make a deposit

Carefully study through the operating rules of the Vault and deposit if you like

Here we get to the most crucial part of the whole process: studying Vault rules and conditions and making a deposit.

Since each individual fund is a Vault, all rules are recorded into a smart contract. By signing these rules you can be sure that all assets, activities, and decisions as well as the whole fund itself will operate in accordance with the smart-contract. Here you can see an example of an onchain termsheet between investors and the manager of the Vault including its strategic limitations: list of assets and platforms manager is able to buy using investors' funds protected by smart-contracts.

Also on this page, you can choose the currency and size of the deposit. ASPIS provides you with a wide range of supported currencies, but the exact list is determined by Vault rules.

Once you have read all the rules and determined the size of the deposit, click the "Deposit" button to sign two transactions via the connected wallet:

  • Sign the fund rules

  • Approve and Deposit (Process is seamless. You need to click on deposit and make 2 confirmations in your wallet: 1 for approve and 1 for deposit itself).

After transactions are completed you will receive the amount of fund LP tokens based on the number of tokens you have deposited.

Do not forget to add a token to your Metamask (Metamask is not showing it by default in the list of tokens) using this instruction

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