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Placing an order

How to place an order on Aspis OTC Exchange
When visiting Aspis OTC exchange you will see the next screen (below) offering you to choose whether you want to explore existing orders or create a new order. Choose to Create a new order.
Please note that this is a fully decentralized trustless exchange. When you're placing an order, you're sending tokens in the amount you want to sell to the smart contract. That means that you'll not be able to access the funds you're trying to sell until someone will fill the order or you will cancel it.
Then you will need to fill in the details of the order you want to place:
  • The currency you want to sell: Here you need to put the contract address of the token you want to sell (You can find more info on how to do so below in the example description)
  • Amount of tokens for sale: How many tokens do you want to sell
  • Desired currency: Here you need to put the contract address of the token (or ETH) you want to get in exchange for a token you're selling
  • Amount of desired currency to get in total: Total amount of desired currency you want to get in exchange for a token you're selling
Order example
Please note that you're not able to sell your LP tokens of the private fund because we have restricted transfers of private fund's LPs so they will not be in the hands of people outside of the "Allowlisted wallets for deposit"

Example of the order placement process

Let's try to show how to place an order in the example below. In this example, I want to sell my LP_Example tokens which I've got after making a deposit into the Example Vault. Here is an instruction on how to add a token to Metamask. Then I need to open my Metamask and find the token I've added and click on it.
Find token in Metamask, click on 3 dots on the right and go to Etherscan
Here I can copy my token address.
Copy token address
Go to Aspis OTC Exchange, connect your wallet to the exchange, and paste this token in the field: "Currency for sale". Choose Example Vault. Fill in other parameters, explained above.
Then click approve and Create an order. That's all, your order has been created.
You will not be able to sell Private Fund's LP here, since we've restricted transferring of the tokens of the private Vaults. You will only be able to burn them.