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Among other features ASPIS has three types of fees that help to manage your funds:
  • Entrance fee
  • Fund management fee
  • Performance fee
For each Vault you can set all three fees.

Entrance fee

The Entrance fee is charged by the investor who enters the fund ( in order to get a unique high-turn investment offer from the fund manager without freezing funds for a long term). This fee is a % of your deposit. It is taken in LP tokens from each deposit and added to the manager’s balance.
Example: User deposits 100 USDT and should get 10 LP tokens. If the entrance fee is 10% then the user will get 9 LP tokens and the manager will get 1 LP token.

Fund management fee

The Fund management fee is charged by the investor for managing the funds. It is taken in LP tokens on withdrawal.
This fee is calculated daily as a share of an average AUM over the 1 year period (1/365). If the average 1-year AUM is $1 000 000, the user has 10% of LP tokens on average and stays in the fund for 100 days, the user will pay $1 000 000 * 10% * 5% * (100 / 365) of avg. AUM

Performance fee

The performance fee is a % that the fund manager receives for multiplying the invested funds.
It is calculated from the fund's profit and it is taken in LP tokens on withdrawal.
For example, the user deposited 100 USDT. During fund performance value of his LP tokens increased to 200 USDT. User will pay 10% from (200 - 100) USDT on withdrawal in LP tokens.
Once the Vault's been created, the fund manager can manage the fees settings by initiating voting. If there is no need for one of the fees, simply turn it off by choosing 0%.